Impact and Damage

In this section we present an overview of the electrostatic problems, which eventually you have already witnessed in your work environment. However, maybe these problems will start to occur at any point in time: find a description, where typically in the work tasks electrostatic electricity can occur and when you have to expect problems.

The below listed impacts and damages lead to at least one of the operational and economic consequences specified in the box to the right.

Economic consequences:

  • Higher start-up volumes
  • Lost work time
  • Manufacturing errors
  • Maculation
  • Higher cost
  • Dissatisfied employees

  • Sparking between material and machine
  • Sparking between roller and sheet/web
  • Audible strokes or cracking noises
  • Fire and explosion at certain material and vapours
Electric Shocks
  • Shocks with or without sparks in proximity of material or machinery, also without direct contact
  • Personnel suffering shocks when touching other persons or earthed parts/machinery
Material defects
  • Defective surfaces, spots adiscolourations
  • Sheet/web perforation
  • Defective parts esp. RFID labels and electronic components (ESD)

Electrostatic charge can also be transferred unnoticed from one person to another, who can further pass the charge on at another location causing damage unknowingly (esp. RFID, elektronic components and machine control systems).

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