Deliberate Application of Electrostatic Charge

The adhesive effect is in most cases an annoying phenomenon. Conversely, it is possible to deliberately use it as temporary adhesive “glue” effect for productive matters – the toner unit in photocopiers is one of the most prominent examples for this effect. Through ionisation it is possible to apply a charge on a material surface and render it adhesive.
Tip: Remember, in most cases you need to eliminate the applied charge for productivity and security reasons again at some stage or at the end..

The following examples are practical examples, already succesfully deployed in many applications:

  • Interlocking of stacks
  • Interlocking of paper ribbons
  • Homogenisation of distribution of liquids on surfaces
  • Application of film-labels
  • No slippages during cutting, stamping or die-cutting
  • Fixation of material during wrapping/packaging
  • Control of web guidance
  • Elektrostatic humidification (DBP)
  • Adhesion of protective paper/film on sheet metal
  • Application of sleeve labels
  • Edge strip adhesion on chill rollers against “neck-in”
  • Avoid telescoping on film winding
  • Sheet tension control
  • Interlocking two layers without entrapped air
  • Inmould labeling

Please refer also to the industry-specific application examples.

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