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Our products stand their test, day-in day-out in thousands of applications. In this section we present a compilation of application cases of our products – klick on the practice area/industry to learn more.
Area of Application Section Content
Cast Film, Flowpack & Bag Production, Deep-Drawing, Blown Film, Die Cast, IML, Flexoprint, Cutting, Winding etc.
Cross-cutting, Slitting, Up-/Rewinding, Bag Production, Flexo-/Gravure Printing, Coating, Laminating Label Printing etc.
Flowpack & Bag, Deep-draw Stations, Blown Film Extrusion, Liquid/Solid Filling & Bottling, RFID, Labeling, Wrapping etc.
Sheetfed Offset, Serigraphy, Web Offset, Gravure-, Digital-, Pad-, Wide Format-Print, Folding, Packaging, Disposal etc.
Carding, Combing, Edge Trimming, Creels, Beaming, Sizing, Seaming, Stentering, Inspection Machines, Calender etc.
Flowpack & Bag, Deep-draw Stations, Liquid- & Powder Filling, Packaging, Codification, Sleeves-, Labeling, Wrapping etc.
Galenic Production, Implant Manufacturing, Deep-draw Stations, Bag Production, Ampoule-/Liquid Bottling, Packaging, Labeling etc.
Veneer Press, Board Lamination, Unwinding, Cross-cutting, Sheet Transport, Wood/Parts Cleaning, Disposal etc.
Plastic Parts Production, Non-woven Production & Processing, Mounting, Paint Spray Stations, Protective Sheet, Packaging etc.


On a daily basis, our domain experts deal with electrostatics in the industrial context – profit from their experience and get their professional advice!

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