Cleaning of Ionising Bars

Accumulation of dirt and depsosits on an ionising bar cannot be avoided in the daily industrial routine – even more so, because inherently they tend to attract dust electrostatically. However, these impurities also reduce the performance of ionisers and thus need to be removed on a regular basis.
For the cleaning of neutralising or charging ionisers you can purchase our specific cleaning agent and our cleaning brush directly in our Online Shop.

You can also use our Maintenance and Repair Service (subject to costs) – we thoroughly inspect, test and clean it for you.

CAUTION: always switch the power off and disconnect the ioniser from the power supply by unplugging the cables first! Also ensure the complete production line is out of operation during the whole cleaning task.

Always dryclean the bar first simply using a soft brush to remove rough residues, especially on the flank of the bar where the emitter tips are located. Beware not to get injured by the sharp tips!

For the main cleansing apply the liquid to pasty cleaning agent directly to the surface of the bar and evenly distribute it with a soft brush. Let the cleaning agent appeal briefly, the bar will only require to be brushed off, thoroughly be wiped with a moist cloth and then polished with a dry cloth.


The Iontis Barclean Detergent is based on water – never use a dergent which is based on solvents as it can attack the sealing compound and bar surface.

A quote from a customer:
I want to serve as tesimonial. We use your chemical servicing agents to clean all our ionising bars now since two years successfully and are completely satisfied. Find enclosed before-and-after photos. Thank you for the good tip.