Collaboration with Fraser

Iontis is the sole distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland of Fraser Antistatic Techniques Ltd. (UK) products – an international market leader in electrostatic solutions.


Iontis has complemented its Solutions Portfolio with products from Fraser.

Apart from distribution, Iontis provides Quality Control prior to delivering the products to the customers in order to ensure no damage has occured in international shipping. Iontis also provides the customer with Maintenance and Repair Services, should the intense industrial usage take its toll.

Partner Award 2013: Bob Fraser with Philipp Ludwig

Partner Award 2013: Bob Fraser with Philipp Ludwig

Thus the customer benefits in two aspects: on the one hand from a good and competent local support and, on the other hand from the international network of Fraser especially for OEM or international customers. Probably that’s a reason why Iontis received the “Partner of the Year Award 2013” from Fraser.

However, the alliance with Fraser by far exceeds distributorship: for some time now an intense co-development and co-manufacturing is taking place, some Iontis products are manufactured by Fraser and some products are especially adapted for the German market. Together stronger: for example, the high voltage power unit E3100 has been combined with the performance monitoring system of the patented Iontis antistatic bar E5000 to form a new product, the E3111 sold by both companies.