A2020 Compact Subtle Generating Bar

A charging bar with quite homogeneous charge generation for up to 25 mm distance to the material at 30 kV and very compact dimensions.

The A2020 is identical in construction to the A2010, with the exception of a tigther emitter pitch of only 5 mm (!) leading to a very homogeneous material charge even for fast moving web.

  • Operating distance: 10 – 25 mm
  • Case only 45 x 20 mm
  • Length from 60 to max. 4000 mm
  • Power Supply 30 kV*
  • Durable voltage-limited tungsten emitters with 5 mm pitch
  • Robust PVC case
  • Encapsulated with epoxy resin
  • Flexible and screened 2m nylon cable (longer on request)
  • Cable connection 30 kV HV-Stecker; third-party connectors on request
  • Mounting slot on back
  • Robust generating bar with homogeneous charge
  • Very compact, good for electrode-counter-electrode set-ups
  • Easy and flexible installation over large width range
  • Shock-proof and non-sparking
  • Robust, industry-proof design
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be powered also by third-party generators

* The bar can be operated with up to 60 kV but in which case it needs to be mounted with specific isolators, the best is you consult us.

Note: Unlike some 24V DV neutralisation systems which have the HV source integrated into their bodies, the charging generating bars need necessarily an external HV generator (also refer to accessories).

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