A7360/73150 HV Generator 30kV (24V o. AC)

A performant 30 kV HV generator for strong charging performance also to feed several charging ionisers simultaneously with power.

The A7360 is not only a strong performer, but also delivers a very constant power and/or current output and, thanks to its interface allows remote monitoring or can be completely integrated into the machinery.

  • Adjustable output: 0-30 kV and 0-2 mA
  • 2 HV outputs, screw-type plug-in connection
  • Fast rise and decay times (10-40ms and 100ms)
  • Main supply: 90-264V AC or 20-28V DC at 4A
  • Polarity*: negative or positive
  • Operating panel with digital LED-displays for HV-current and power, LED-lamps for HV on, constant-voltage and constant-current operation
  • Analog interface for remote monitoring and/or remote control
  • Input protection for over-, under-voltage and wrong polarity
  • Short-circuit- and arc-protected HV outputs
  • Strong 30 kV Generator with top performance
  • Fast reaction times for fast-cycled applications
  • Full integration into machinery possible
  • Easy manual operation
  • Robust, industry-proof design
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy and flexible installation

*Let us advise you directly on required performance and specifications!

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