24V DC Air Nozzles & Airguns

The ionising air nozzles and airguns presented in this section, allow to neutralise and clean the tiniest and small surfaces of 0 to 50 cm without complex electrical installations due to 24 V DC technology.

We carry the products due to the following operational criteria in our assortment:

  • Ultra-precise on tiniest spaces: P-ER-VS02
  • Difficult installation situations thanks to adjustable nozzels: P-ER-VW
  • Modular extendable treatment range: P-ER-VW
  • Efficient manual cleaning and neutralisation: P-EC-G02

The 24V DC technology provides the advantage to generate the required highvoltage directly at the location of use and thus rendering highvoltage installations obsolete allowing for a maximum in flexibility and mobility! Additionally, the power consumption is low and does not impose a high load on your DC supply network of your machinery..

Our experienced domain experts are happy to dicuss your specific challenge on-site – let them advise you!


In this section we present the Ionising Air Nozzles and Airguns in 24VDC version. Please refer to: AC 115/230V Ionising Air Nozzles & Airguns for corresponding AC products.

P-ER-VS02 Main View

P-ER-VS02 View

P-ER-VW Main View

P-ER-VW View

P-EC-G02 Main View

P-EC-G02 View