24V DC Ionised Air Blowers

The presented ionising products in this section differ in general, insofar that the F20xx products are blowers with high air volume destined to be used at machines, while the P-ER-xx series are vents with an airflow acceptable for human beings or lightweight objects. All systems offer the advantage, that no compressed air supply is required.

We have included the products due to the following operational criteria:

  • Large-scale neutralisation and cleansing at machinery: F2010
  • Low and precise residual charge & cleansing of surfaces at machinery: F2050
  • Keep small areas of (manual) work stations of sensitive products dust-free:P-ER-F
  • Keep tiniest areas of manufacturing of sensitive products dust-free: P-ER-Q
  • with lowest residual charge of +/- 10-30V: F2050 P-ER-F P-ER-Q

The 24VDC technology in general offers the advantage to generate high-voltage directly at the location of further usage and thus no high-voltage installations are needed.
They are either powered by partly supplied wide-range AC power supply units or, due to the surprisingly low power consumption of the anti-static bars, can be connected directly to the DC supply networks of installations and machinery – thanks 24VDC also in international context.

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In this section you finde the anti-static bars in the 24VDC configuration. Here you will find the: AC 115/230V Ionising Bars.

F2010 Ansicht

F2010 View

F2050 Ansicht

F2050 Series View

P-ER-F Ansicht

P-ER-F View

P-ER-Q Ansicht

P-ER-Q View