24V DC Ionising Cleaning System

The ionising cleaning box presented in detail is a complete ionising cleaning system. It operates with an ionised pulsed air stream and simultaneously withdraws the air by suction so that the parts a) are completely clean and b) are absolutely neutral in charge for further processing.

The system is available in 2 versions/sizes and have been dimensioned to correspond to the typical dimensions of manually to clean parts and objects (chamber size 200 x 170 and 400 x 200 mm (w x h).

We have included the compact system to our product portfolio, because often

  • Only a few selected parts of a production line require intense cleansing
  • No automated production lines are present
  • An intense manual cleaning step is required prior to enclosing/sealing work steps
  • The airflow of an (ionising) vent is not sufficient for a cleaning

The cleaning box presented in this section has the advantage, that highvoltage is created directly at the location of its use and thus does not require highvoltage installations: the system either can be fed through the supplied wide-range AC power supply, or can be fed from the DC network of your machine or control systems – thanks 24V also in international deployment.

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P-EC-B View

P-EC-B View