E3014 Compact Ionising Bar (24V)

A very compact and robust short-range bar with good performance at a competitive price point.
Perfect for easy retrofitting of existing E3010 (or other AC bars) installations to 24 VDC technology due to same size and increased performance.

The E3014 has a very compact profile and app. 50% higher performance than comparable AC bars.
The bar furthermore has a contamination alarm (“Clean-me”) via LED and interface and can also be operated via signal from a PLC.

  • Operating range: 20-150mm
  • Profile dimensions: 20 x 32,5 mm
  • Length from 250 to 4010 mm in 40mm steps
  • Output 7,5 kV at 0,5mA for residual charges of +/- 100-150V
  • Power Input 21-28 VDC at 0,5mA
  • Integrated performant high-voltage generation
  • Emitter tips resistively coupled for safety
  • Emitter tips at a fine 20 mm pitch
  • Impact-protected long-life tungsten emitter tips
  • Resistively coupled emitters for safety
  • All highvoltage parts integrated and encapsulated
  • LED-Display for operation, and alarm/”Clean-me”
  • Analog interface M8 with signals: operation OK, contamination, over/under-supply; input signal: HV on/off
  • CE, UL and CB
  • Compact ionising bar
  • Take AC bar out – put E3014 in
  • Built on proven and reliable technology
  • Built-in highvoltage generation
  • Operation and contamination monitoring (with signals on interface)
  • No more stiff highvoltage cables needed
  • Shockless, finger-safe
  • Robust, industry-proof design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy mounting

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