E5000 Intelligent Fast Ionising Bar (24V)

Wherever long distances, over a big range varying distances and/or high discharging performance with no left charged islands are required – also without air support.

The patented E5000 has already in its basic version a contamination control as well as polarity- and range autocontrol. It is extendable with remote control or viewer, residual charge fine control via sensor and data recording/logging.

  • Range 30 to 1000 mm
  • Length 80-400 cm (or more on request) in 10cm steps
  • Power supply 24 VDC at 0,7 A
  • Intelligent electrode autocontrol for polarity, charge quantity and range
  • Contamination monitoring
  • Emitter pitch 30 mm !
  • Current limited tips for maximum security
  • Integrated performant highvoltage generation
  • Display of operational status and contamination direct on the antistatic bar
  • Interface for easy connectivity with control panels/stations
  • No replacement of emitter tips (tungsten) necessary
  • Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Made in Germany
  • Optimal results at ranges of 30 up to 1000mm to the material
  • Very homogeneous neutralisation over whole width
  • Extendable + adaptable = future-proof
  • Shockless, finger-safe
  • Low power consumption, no air needed
  • Easy installation and international use
  • Robust, industry-proof design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to be mounted

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