P-ER-X Highperformance Precision Bar (24V)

Wherever precise and very low residual charges even without air support need to be achieved.

The P-ER-X Ionising Bar is achieving this performance due to pulsed AC technology with manually or automatically controlled operational frequency. This way, it achieves residaul charges of +/- 10 volts and is thus unbeatable in sensitive production environments (e.g. electronic components).

  • Operational range without air: up to app. 350 mm*; with airflow (0,5 MPa) up to app. 800 mm*
  • Available Lengths: 160, 320, 480, 640 mm
  • Discharge performance: <1s/100 mm distance
  • Attainable resiudal charges +/-10V
  • Manual or automatic frequency range 1-55 Hz
  • Display of discharge/operation, alert and contamination
  • Switch output for alert or dysfunction
  • Package with ionising bar including highvoltage power supply and controller (prepared for connection of 2nd electrode)
  • Power supply 24 VDC at 0,45A
  • Easily replacable tungsten emitter tip units
  • Body of bar 360° rotatable in its mounts

*varies depending on application: get on-site advice!

  • Precise and fast neutralisation
  • Very low residual charges attainable
  • Manual or automatic control
  • Integrated monitoring and switch controls to connect control panels
  • Adjustable to operational situation with variable air control
  • Compact Design
  • Low maintenance

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