F4200 Series Ionising Nozzle System (AC)

A robust, performant and tailored ionising nozzle system for neutralisation and cleaning of wide/broad areas and objects, with cone-shaped stream per nozzle.

The F4200 Series is a neutralising cleaning system, available from 1 nozzle unit up variable in width and nozzle count according to customer specification. It requires only one air connection/supply.

  • Operating distance at 1-2 Bar: 600 mm, at 3-4 Bar app. 1000 mm
  • For good cleaning effect use 4-7 Bar and optimally 200 mm distance
  • System width from 1 nozzle and 40 mm up to 4000 mm and user-defined nozzle amount
  • Integrated neutralisation system: at 1 nozzle E1260/1265, from 2 nozzles onwards anti-static bar E3010 (refer to neutralisation details there)
  • Resistively coupled tungsten emitter
  • Shockless design
  • Stainless steel for spot ioniser 1 nozzle, from 2 nozzles aluminium body
  • Air connection: up to 8 bar max.
  • Air flow per nozzle app. 170 l/min and 1.2N thrust at 3 bar
  • Cable: 2 m screened HT cable (up to 10 m available on request)
  • Robust and manufactured to customer-specified dimensions
  • Good neutralisation and air flow performance
  • Economic air consumption
  • Shock-proof, finger-safe
  • Robust, industry-proof design
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy and flexible mounting

Please note: This is an AC ioniser and unlike the 24V DC counterparts necessarily requires an additional AC Highvoltage Power Unit (also see accessories).

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