F4300 In-Line Nozzle (AC)

An in-line air ionising nozzle, for use where the ionisation of an existing air supply in an ordinary compressed airline, is required to remove electrostatic contaminants (e.g. drilling/trimming) or in air separation systems (e.g. sheet feeders).an>

The F4300 is generating a large amount of ions in other words a high neutralisation performance, so it is well suited for many cleaning or separating applications in practical use.

  • Working range (ideal) as close to discharge end as possible, max. 400 mm of insulated tube to discharge position
  • Critical parts encased in stainless steel tube
  • Case: 10 cm stainless steel tube with nylon end-caps
  • 1/4 BSP threads for individual fitting connection
  • Comes with 2 PVC 12 mm barbed fittings
  • Resistively coupled emitters
  • Shockless design
  • Air connection: up to 4 Bar max., optimal range app. 2 bar
  • Cable: 2 m screened HT cable (up to 10 m available on request)
  • Easy integration in existing air tubing
  • Good neutralisation performance
  • Shock-proof, finger-safe
  • Robust, industry-proof design
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy and flexible mounting

Please note: Not designed for high pressure systems and should be always on the discharge side of the control valve. This is an AC ioniser and necessarily requires an additional AC Highvoltage Power Unit (also see accessories).

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