Tube Ionisation

A compact system for neutralisation of electrostatic charge generated in pneumatic transport of solid and granular material (e.g. chips, granulate, edge trims and strips etc.) in conveyors. The system can flexibly be integrated into your tubing infrastructure.

The Tube Ionisation efficiently neutralises the ocurring electrostatic charge (even in metal tubes and despite grounding) with 2-4 ionising bars which are parallely connected and thus can be maintained independently from each other. Due to their widespread industrial use we deploy the system usually with 1 m Jacob stainless steel tubes. However, we always manufacture the system according to measure and specification of the customer but also in different material and dimesnion up to app. 500 mm tube diameter. We gladly advise you also on the best location of the neutralisation in your conveyor!

  • Tube diameter: up to app. 500 mm
  • Integrated ionising system depending on need and connection:
    F3024 ionising bars (24V DC) or
    E3010 ionising bars (115/230V AC)
  • usually up to 80 mm tube diameter with 2, up to 150 mm with 3 and up to 450 mm with 4 ionising bars
  • Ionisers protected in stainless steel or plastic profile on outside circumference of tube installed
  • Parallel connection of ionisers (via distribution box)
  • Prevents clogging, blockages and handling problems due to adhesion
  • Increases efficiency of dust-product separation or precipitation in cyclones
  • Proven and strong neutralisation
  • Self-controlled system
  • Shock-proof, finger-safe
  • Robust, industry-proof design
  • Low and easy maintenance

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