E101/201 Anti-Static Carbon Brush

Ideal for crude or pre-discharge especially in cases of very high voltages an effective and competitive way of charge reduction.

The Carbon Brushes E101/201 possess a large amounts of very fine fibres, able to lead away charges through self-ionisation.

ex_logo Also available in an EX-version with ATEX-certification

This way to the E201 in our Shop!

  • Working range 0* to app. 5 mm
  • Fibre diameter 7 µm
  • 60.000 fibres per cm
  • Standard fibre length 18 mm, additionally on request available: 30, 50, 80 mm
  • Version 101: with h-shaped aluminium profile for individual mounting hole drilling
  • Version 201: on aluminium support with mounting screws
  • Any custom length available: E101 up to 4 m, E201 up to 3 m
  • Robust, easy integration
  • Good charge reduction
  • Easy and flexible mounting

*Contact with surface can improve discharge in some cases, but can lead to fibre abrasion or fracture despite good manufacturing.

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