EFM022 Comfortable Static Meter

To measure the field strength i.e. amount of static charge and polarity of material surfaces.

The Static Meter EFM022 is a handy one-button test device with very accurate measurement of field strength of up to 200 kV and not requiring a manual calibration/zero balance. The optional set EFM022-CPM is additionally able to determine the neutralisation performance (over time) of ionising bars.

This way to the EFM022 in our Shop!

  • One-button operation with Hold functionality
  • 5 measurement distances and range up to 200 kV measurement range
  • Antistatic EPA casing
  • Only 122 x 70 x 26 mm in dimension
  • LCD-panel with 2-row display of selected distance and measured electrostatic charge
  • Powered by 9V PP3 battery
  • Shipped with protective sheath, battery, ground cable, distance holder, manual and calibration certificate
  • Robust
  • Pocket-size
  • Very simple operation
  • 1-handed operation possible
  • Due to HOLD function also easy to measure in difficult places

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