We have carefully selected our partners with the aim to offer our customers the best overall solution portfolio for electrostatic problems with the best coverage in the german-speaking area.

Should you be interested in a partnership or believe a partner is missing, please tell us.



We have a tight international collaboration with Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd. (UK) in development, distribution and maintenance/repair. We are exclusive partner for their products in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Panasonic Electric Works

If not a manufacturer of electronic components, who else understands more about ESD and how to bring static charge to an absolute minimum!? To this end we have integrated the Panasonic Electric Works products in our solution portfolio.

Imm Cleaning Solutions

With Peter Imm and his team we have bonded on the one hand to have assistance in the manufacturing of the tubes for tube ionisers and, on the other hand, because he is manufacturing surface cleaning systems and is thus often a perfect match for our customers’ applications.

Bosch Laboratories Bosch Laboratories is offering anti-static coating liquids with anti-fog, anti-block and anti-scratch features. We have a partnership, because our customers often can master some of their elektrostatic problems with the help of Bosch Laboratories products.
Ahauser Walzen

Milling rolls and rollers tend to generate electrostatic charges, which often can be reduced by changing the roll material. That’s why we have partnered with the specialist for ESA-Presseure, technical rollers and sleeve systems Ahauser Gummiwalzen.

Roto Swiss Tech

Die Roto Swiss Tech AG is developing and manufacturing suction systems for edge strips, sheet-fed and web cleaning mainly in printing applications and is Iontis sales partner in Switzerland.

Schober Italiana With Schober Italiana Srl we have a strong distributor for Italy, who knows the needs for electrostatic solutions first hand from their expertise of production machinery for packaging and converting.