Raising The Bar

We help you to solve your
electrostatic issues.

The new E3633

The most powerful and efficient
static bar in the market.

Full Stop.

The E5000 and E36xx Series

The only intelligent, auto-adjusting
bars in the market-place.
By the way since 2009.
The most modern and comprehensive
product portfolio in 24 VDC
Experience from applications
at over 1'000 customers.

Welcome to the Expert for Electrostatics in the Industry

Elektrostatik ExpertiseWe at IONTIS have used our expertise to put together a highly efficient portfolio of products for the measurement and recording, elimination (discharge) or targeted use of electrostatic charge (charging), with the aim of optimising your production processes. Our products have proven themselves for years in thousands of installations.

Our experienced experts are spread throughout Germany and will be happy to analyse your specific problem with you on site to find the most effective solution. Furthermore, we can quickly access the wealth of experience of our partner Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ldt.

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